“Woke” White Evangelicals

Statistics that point to widespread White evangelical support of Donald Trump for President have left many African American believers thinking that their white brothers and sisters do not care about the plight of being black in America. In fact, many feel that a vote for Mr. Trump is willingly putting black people and other minorities and immigrants in danger. While white evangelical support of Mr. Trump is a significant point of discussion, I encourage black people not to believe the lie that all white people cannot be trusted. While that may be a real feeling, it is not the reality, nor has it ever been. There are many “woke” white evangelicals that ought not be overlooked.

Being “woke” can be defined as – being aware of the plight of, in this case, black and brown people while actively engaging in undoing the effects of slavery, Jim Crow, and other forms of systemic injustice.

Post election, I believe the enemy worked overtime to convince me that white evangelicals do not care about me and that my work within a predominantly white evangelical seminary and convention is a waste of time. But, I was then reminded of these brothers listed below whose witness convinced me otherwise. Many of them I know personally while others I follow at a distance.  These guys are woke white evangelicals who are models of listening and bearing burdens that are not necessarily their own. I salute them today! I encourage you to follow the lead of these individuals and connect with them if they are in your area. Also, make your own list because there are more of them in your vicinity than you might imagine. In an increasingly divisive environment we must be careful of letting “some” represent “all.” There are white brothers and sisters who care and see racism and systemic injustice as Gospel issues requiring a Gospel centered response.

Tommy Forester

Pastor, Epiphany Fellowship Los Angeles

Brent Aucoin

Professor of History and Associate Dean of the College for Academics, SEBTS

Steve Bezner

Pastor, Houston Northwest Church

Skeet Alderson
Senior Partner, Altify

Chip Hardy
Assistant Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, SEBTS

Larry Smith

Community Life Pastor, Epiphany Fellowship Philadelphia

Matt Mullins
Assitant Professor of English and History of Ideas, SEBTS

Copper Nelms
Associate Pastor, Renovation Church

Jesse Parker
Elder Candidate, Vision Church

Jim Upchurch
Pastor, Christ Church Rolesville

Sean Cordell

Pastor, Treasuring Christ Church

Brian Dye
Elder, Legacy Christian Fellowship

Joshua Waggener
Assistant Professor of Music and Christian Worship, SEBTS

Kj Hill
Associate Pastor for Community Development, Summit Church